Rural and Interstate Patients

We now offer a 3-day free accommodation package to all regional and interstate clients.
Accommodation is available in West Perth near our Medisculpt clinic. (Subject to availability. Conditions apply). Please contact our office for more information. These accommodation options are also in proximity to public transport, local cafes and shops.
At Medisculpt, we routinely see patients from regional towns like Broome, Geraldton, Banbury, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Port Headland, Albany and Newman. We understand that patients travelling from these regionals areas to Perth have to deal with several issues including:
• A strict schedule
• Travelling and accommodation which can be expensive
• Not knowing anyone in Perth
• Not having anywhere to stay in Perth
• Being unable to revisit Perth for several months
Keeping in mind the above factors, we offer the following services to all our patients travelling from regional towns:
• Priority booking to see the doctors or therapists
• Customised treatment plans to suit your future visits to Perth
• Tailor-made treatment options to suit your budget and downtime
• Free accommodation (subject to availability)
Please click here to contact us today to further discuss your requirements.