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Having acne can lead to severe scarring. The reason why these acne scars may appear due to the skin's inability to repair itself after an acne lesion fades away. The inflammation associated with the lesion can damage skin tissue, causing it to collapse and leave a scar. This occurs in the dermis, which is the thicker part of skin immediately below its surface (the epidermis).

However, there is no single treatment to fix moderate to severe acne scarring. It is also essential to understand that only medical clinics with experienced doctors are equipped to tackle different types of acne scars effectively. We routinely see patients who have wasted hundreds and thousands of dollars by seeing non-medical practitioners at beauty salons and spas, trusting them to fix their acne scars. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, there are at least four different types of acne scars of variable severity. Therefore, there is no single treatment to fix them all at once.


Our treatment plan is formulated following a thorough clinical assessment by the doctor and is based upon the following factors:

  • Type and severity of scarring
  • Patient’s health and medical history
  • Patient’s skin type
  • Patient’s budget
  • Social downtime

Medisculpt® is possibly the only clinic in Western Australia to offer the following treatment options to address almost any kind of facial scarring under one roof.


Considered as the gold standard in treating acne scars, this is excellent for improving mild to moderate depth boxcar and rolling scars.

This method is also excellent for reducing the size of hypertrophic scars. However, it is not suitable for patients with darker skin as first-line therapy (due to the risk of hyperpigmentation) and is unable to completely fix deep scars (when used as a sole treatment).

The downtime involved averages around 2 to 3 weeks with redness and peeling. Therefore, this is not suitable for busy professionals who are unable to take time off work. The treatment itself takes approximately 15 minutes to perform, with treatment area anaesthetised 40 minutes beforehand. Most patients find this to be a very tolerable procedure.


The cost of your Acne Scar Treatment program depends upon the type and extent of your acne scarring. Each patient is unique and requires a different treatment regimen.

This will be assessed during the initial consultation with the treating doctor. Individual treatments are mapped out for each client, and the cost is evaluated during this time.


The Medisculpt® Difference

"Art, indeed, consists in the conception of the result to be produced before its realisation in the material." - Aristotle

The practice of aesthetic medicine and surgery is as much an art as it is a science. The aesthetic sense of a clinician in evaluating a patient is as important as his or her clinical skills. At Medisculpt®, our philosophy is to artistically enhance your appearance in a way that stresses elegance over glamour.

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